How to be perfectly prepared as a model…
from a photographers point of view!


I decided to write this blog entry because I have experienced a lot the last years. This should help all new models to get a routine into your preparations for a photoshooting. And maybe some more experinced models also find something useful.

As a model you can help with simple and small little habits and preparations to get the most out of every production. Most of all, these little things can save A LOT of time and work!

Some of this might be obvious for the most of you, nevertheless there are some things that help a photographer that you probably never thought of…

Hydrate your body

If you are a rather „occasional“ water drinker (less than 2 litres a day) and planning to do a photoshooting, you should probably start at least three days before – a week would be better. 2,5 – 3 litres of water is your goal every day. It’s a lot, I know.

You will notice improvements with your skin, better concentration, and you might also prevent red eyes. You should consider this tip especially for beauty shootings!

Note: It might be very different if you are doing a bodybuilding kind of shooting!

Amelie, 2022

Amazingly good skin. I needed almost no skin retouching.

Feed your body

The same impact as water has food. If you eat very healthy the days bevore the shooting your skin will improve significantly! The better your skin, the more photographers will book you – believe me! Retouching skin is probably half of the whole image editing process – if you can help, the photographer will admire it!


This preparation completely blew my mind! I once talked to a great beauty photographer and asked him: „how do you create these extremely detailed super realistic skin looks?“ And he said: „I just put moisturizer on the models skin, untill its saturated. Then I start with make-Up and then we shoot“

I always thought that its some kind of high-end retouching, meanwhile its just skincare!

Start your skincare at home to save time. Find out if your skin needs waterbased or oilbased moisturizer. If you dont know, talk to a professional make-up artist or do a test to find out which skin type you are. It is essential to take care of your skin everyday – your body is your capital!


Same goes with lips. If you tend to have dry lips, go and get some balm from the pharmacy. I experienced that most of the lip balms from supermarket tend to dry out your lips even more, so better go with someething like vaseline.

Body care

Shaving legs is something you should do the day before to avoid red spots. If you are epilating even earlier – try to find out how long your skin needs to recover – and of course apply some moisturizer afterwards! Same goes with the bikini area if you are doing swimwear or lingeree.

If it will be a beauty shooting you should also do your nails, if its a commercial beauty shoot rather go to a manicure saloon and let a professional do it – the difference is pretty incredible. You can of course ask the photographer if he, or the client is willing to take over the cost – chances are good. Same goes with feet, if they are featured during the shooting.

If you are doing a jewelry shoot with lots of hands involved, also moisturize your hands – probably a few times that day before you start with the styling. It gives some extra good details and avoids dry spots.

Hair care

Wash your hair on the day before the shoot – rather than on the same day. A hairdresser told me, that the hair has better handling if you do so – I dont know if this is true, but she knows a lot about hair…

You can also do a deep hair conditioner or oil pulling if you tend to have dry hair or dry skin.

Perfect clothes to wear

This is something most models dont think of. The perfect clothes to wear to a photoshoot are very loose and dont leave any marks on your skin. This includes tops, pants, bra, undies and also socks! The thing I retouched the most in my entire carreer as a photographer are pimpels and clothing marks – mostly of socks.

Make sure you wear the right stuff OR just switch to very loose cothings right before doing make-up. Some models (especially at nude shootings) just wear a bathrobe during preparations.

Clearly visible marks from tight jeans.

Perfect clothes to bring

Despite of the moodboard the photographer presents, and the clothes you are asked to bring – there are some basics that, you can always bring to a photoshoot, no matter if there is a stylist, designer or other clothes available.

  • matching underwear. One set of white, black and nude underwear, and some strapless. you cant do wrong with these, also they fit into a small handbag. and you rather want to wear your own, wouldn’t you?
  • high heels, black. classic black high heels that fit perfectly and you feel comfortable walking with. Most photoshoots come to the point where these are needed, and oftently they do not really fit, and might distract you.


Double check everything right before you go on Set
  • haircrunchie on your wrist?
  • Earrings, necklace, watch, rings, etc – did you came with some? Should you wear some, or rather not?
  • matching underwear? black bra under white blouse (and vice verse) is a no go.

Guess who forgot to check the classical „haircrunchie“ on the wrist thing? Thats right, me.

If you consider most of these tips, or even all of them – I am pretty sure a professional photographer and the team with make-up artist and hair-stylist will notice – and they will love you for the effort you put into this production. Even more the photos will look better, and might have that little push of quality that sometimes make the difference between a good photo and an outstanding one!

Being a professional model isn’t just good looks, its a lot of taking care of your body and your health!